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Les Chaudieres

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View of Anse Galet from atop Les Chaudieres 

Anse Galet

This is the beach just below the house, your private beach. For those with a little extra "spunk" we have a set of stairs leading down from the pool terrace to the beach. If you are fairly limber you can climb down the 132 steps off the pool terrace.  Down is easy, coming back up earns you a rum and a dip in the pool!

Otherwise, you can walk the long way around by the road, or drive your car around. Many say that this peninsula has some of the best snorkeling and diving on the island.  Look for the bouy to see where the reef starts.

Anse Cochon, is only a few minutes drive away and sits on the shore of Ti Kaye Resort, offering a beautiful white sand beach and excellent snorkeling. Ti Kaye has excellent dining and is a wonderful small, private resort if you want to extend your stay a day or two.

Pig Bay: North of Anse la Raye. Ask Christie or Martina for directions.

May we suggest?

You can arrange for an "Anse la Raye fishing boat" charter which will pilot you down the coast to enjoy private sandy beaches, snorkeling, beautiful views of the Pitons from the water, the bat cave, a stop at the Anse Chastanet hotel for drinks, a meal or to enjoy their beaches for awhile. Or, instead of having a meal at one of these hotels, pack a cooler with food and drinks and enjoy a picnic at the deserted beach of Anse Couchon. Whatever your itinerary, the boat will wait until you are ready to move on to the next spot. Be sure to pack a few Heinekens for the boat "crew".

Hike The Pitons


Located on the outskirts of Soufriere, which itself is in the crater of a long extinct volcano, the Pitons are the iconic landmark of Saint Lucia, and present a unique hiking challenge.  Take a guided tour to the top of either Gros Piton or Petit Piton. Gros Piton is the larger of the two and slightly eaiser to climb. The Petit Piton requires more vertical climbing occasionally using ropes.  Tour guides are required and come with the price of admission - $50 per person.  The Pitons offer an unobstructed view of the landscape, Soufriere, the ocean, and the rainforest surrounding the town. Enjoy a "Piton", the local beer, at the top!

Snorkeling and Diving


Although some snorkeling equipment might be found at the house, if you are interested in snorkeling or diving we suggest you bring down your own equipment. Proper fitting of the masks and fins is important, and these rubber items tend to degrade in the tropical heat and humidity.  Therefore we cannot guarantee the availability or condition of any equipment at the house.

If you are planning to SCUBA, we have found the best method is to bring your own mask, fins, regulator and gauges, then rent the tanks and vests on the island.  Resorts such as at Oasis Marigot or Anse Chastanet have good rentals and dive programs. As with any location, if you are planning a SCUBA dive or equipment rental, bring a valid NAUI/PADI card.

Please, leave your spearfishing equipment at home. The fragile bond of sea life around this volcanic island has already been adversely affected by unnecessary and indiscriminate killing of sea life. Underwater cameras are the best method of "catching" a find!

Day Trips and Sightseeing

Hilary, Les Chaudieres' caretaker, is a guide par excellence, although being a tour guide is not necessarily part of his job description, and an extra gratuity is earned. Guiding certain day trips is his forte (those marked with * can be guided by Hilary):

  • Ziplining
  • Golfing
  • Climb the breathtaking Pitons in Soufriere
  • Open air markets in Castries
  • Waterfall hikes in Canaries and Soufriere.*
  • Guided rainforest hike.*
  • Mountain Bike rentals and trails at Anse Chastanet.
  • Horseback riding at _____ south of Soufriere.
  • The Sulphur Pits and Mud Baths south of Soufriere - a "walk-in" volcano!
  • The Diamond Botanical gardens and historic French baths in Soufriere.
  • Historic distillery behind Anse La Raye*
  • Friday night Jump Up in Anse La Raye.*
  • Heritage Tourism 451-6058, 451-6220, 451-6967
  • Tours with the St. Lucia National Trust, 453-7656
  • Sailing charters out of Marigot Bay
  • Leatherback turtles, call Jan Sparks 452-8100
  • Maria Islands Nature Reserve and Fregate Island
  • Anse Le Ray "Fish Fri" - the local Friday night event. 

Dining Out

On a trip to Soufriere we would recommend lunching at Dasheene with a gorgeous view of the Pitons and a delicious menu.

Other than Dasheene, and perhaps a lunch at Marigot, the best restaurant is at Les Chaudieres with Christy, Martina, and Bertillia's cooking. Although there are some great restaurants on the islands, people constantly tell us they prefer to just dine at home with Christy.


  • The open air market in Castries - best for fresh produce and some handmade crafts.
  • Point Seraphine in Castries has many duty free shops.

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